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Service and Housing Partners are a Cornerstone of STLF.

Thank you for your interest in the Pay it Forward (PIF) Tour and Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). We are excited to work with your organization!  This page on our site is designed to give our service project partners and housing partners more information and answers to common questions.

All STLF Programs Organized by College Student Leaders.

Every STLF program - college, high school, and middle school levels - are organized and led by volunteer college student leaders.  These students are experienced, well-trained, and prepared by the STLF National Office.  They are fully responsible for the program, represent the organization, and will likely be your main point of contact with the organization.

All STLF Participants Held to High Expectations and Behavior Standards.

An STLF staple is to leave every area better than we found it.  All participants sign and are held accountable to a zero-tolerence drug and alcohol policy while on an STLF program.  Furthermore, any rules of an organization we work with also become the rules of STLF.  We are gratefull to you for allowing us to stay on your floor or volunteer with you, and we will show our appreciation through our actions.

Certificate of Insurance Can be Issued Upon Request.

If your organization requires a Certificate of Insurance prior to working with us, we would be happy to provide that to you right away.  Just email to your Organization Name, Name, Address, email, and Fax Number, and our insurance agent will pass that along shortly.

How Do I Request a Tour to stop in my Community?

If you are interested in having a Pay it Forward Tour stay or volunteer with your organization, please contact  While factors such as your location the timing of Tours are present, we will do everything we can to bring the energy and enthusiasm of a Pay it Forward Tour to your community!

Can I Provide a Meal for the Group?

While we certainly don't expect all partners to have the financial means to provide a meal for our group, we greatly appreciate the generosity of a meal or snacks whenever possible.  Make sure to mention this to your STLF contact if you are interested in providing a meal.

We Couldn't Exist Without You.

STLF has carried out hundreds of service projects in hundreds of communities across the country over the past five years on Pay It Forward Tours.  None of it could be possible without hard work, coordination, and generosity of organizations like yours. 

For every organization who opens their doors, hosts our students at a project site, provides a meal for a group, or allows us a floor to sleep on, we are truly grateful.  Your partnership and trust in our leaders and in our organization truly changes lives.  Thank you for believing in STLF and for your support.

Host It

After reading about the Pay It Forward Tour, are you interested in STLF visiting your community.  Please fill out the HOST IT form and we'll make every attempt to send a bus your way soon!

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