Get Informed/Online Registration FAQ

This page is designed to help answer any question you may have about registering online.  Thanks!

1.   Can I pay less than the full payment to register?

Yes.  On the page which asks for your credit card information, there is a box called Amount Applied.  The default will be the full payment.  To pay less than the full amount, erase the payment amount and enter how much you would like to pay.  Keep in mind there is a minimum downpayment of $100.  The full payment is due before the Tour leaves.  STLF will send out balance due emails a few weeks before the trip to remind those that have not paid.

    2.   I tried to log back into my registration, however it says I'm not register.  Why is that?

    Our registration system is based on email addresses.  To log back into the registration system, click the "Register" link for the respective Tour and enter the email address that was used during registration.

    3.   How can I move buses?

    If the trips are a part of the same school, it is possible to move to a different bus.  To move to a different bus, click the register link from the Tours page, enter your name and email address and continue through the registration.  The contact information should appear as the system will recognize your email address.  On the Tour selection page, check the box next to the Tour you would like to attend.  Also, check the unregister link next to the Tour you would like to unregister from and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.  On the last page the summary information will appear showing which Tour you are now registering for.  If the information is correct, press "Finish."

    If you would prefer, email us at and we can process the move.

    4.   I received an email saying "Failed Transaction for the Pay It Forward Tour.  What does that mean?

    A Failed transaction means that the payment did not process.  In most cases this is due to a typo or an authorization issue with your bank.  If there is a failed transaction, you are still registered for the Tour.  See the question below for more details on how to make the payment.

    5.   How can I make the final payment?

    There are two ways to make the final payment: Online or Check.  To make your payment online :

    - Click on the registration link from the respective Tour page.
    - Enter your name and email address and click "next."  Please remember to use the email address that was used during registration.
    - Enter in your confirmation number.  You'll receive this in an email right after you register.  If you don't know the confirmation number, there is a link that can resend you the confirmation number.
    - Once you're logged in, click "Submit Payment" at the top of the page and enter in your payment details.

    If you prefer, you can mail in a check or money order to:
    Students Today Leaders Forever
    609 S 10th St, Suite 103
    Minneapolis, MN 55404


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