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STLF recently sent out a survey to parents of students on High School Pay it Forward Tours.  Two of the questions and a collection of their responses are listed below.  Furthermore, 100% of respondents said they would recommend the program to other parents.

What did you as a parent appreciate about your interactions with STLF and the Pay it Forward Tour?  

Overall, parents gave us great ratings on our communication before and during the tour by our staff and college student leaders. We were complemented with our safety and supervision of young students. Also, parents our appreciated our program and the organization of our tour as a positive, diverse experience for students. Below are comments directly from parents:

  • The tour was run very well and the students were safe and well supervised.  The community service is such an important part of what the kids do, but just as important is the life experience and team building they experience too.  I think this is the best high school/college program around and I think the interest will grow from year to year.
  • That there was a local contact person. 
  • It has always been positive. My daughter has gone for the last 3 years and all the leaders have always answer my questions or concerns.
  • I just am amazed at my son...this is the best thing that has ever happened to him...he already signed up for the leadership camp in June.
  • Friendly staff and very helpful with explaining everything.
  • Well run and organized.  Good combination of activities, some work and some play.  Like the discussion topics, too.
  • The informational meeting held before we signed up, the ease of the internet signing up and registering, ease of payment were great.
  • I really appreciate this trip. It changes my daughter's attitude about life.
  • The email communication with continual updates.
  • This year there seems to be much more communication prior to the tour, thank you!  

STLF’s mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.  What differences have you witnessed in your student since they returned from the Tour? 
Parents noticed a huge positive difference in their students after tour. Many have noted increased self-confidence from new friendships and the energy gained from community service. Students have gained an increase awareness of social issues and a passion to continue to serve their community. Below are comments directly from parents.
  • Much more of a desire to help in the community, had a huge impact on him.
  • My daughter has stated that she really wants to make a difference for people in her life.  She was also glad to meet and get to know other classmates than she normally hangs around at school.
  • She was very excited about the trip, but I didn't see any significant changes in her - she has been very self confident and eager to get involved for a long time.  It's why she signed up.  
  • She has always been involved with school and community projects. I think she is kinder to her family members.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE..wants to do more...did not want it to end!
  • Self confidence, loved the interaction and closeness developed with her group. Feeling of self worth being able to help people. " Life Changing Experience".
  • As I write this, my son is at a mini reunion at the home of a fellow Pay-It-Forward student.  I can't really say he has changed since he is normally a very social person and has no trouble getting involved in all kinds of neighborhood, school, or community events.  But I think the trip to Memphis definitely got him fired up about doing that sort of thing more.
  • More self confidence, started to take on some more leadership and volunteering in the community since her return.
  • More grateful and appreciative for our house and family after seeing some of the conditions that other people live in.  The desire to want to do more to help others and the community.
  • He was quiet and very introspective. He stated that he had a lot to be thankful for and would want to do this again. He said he learned a lot about himslef - but didn't talk about it. He was one to talk to us, however he stated that what happens in the room, stays in the room. And that - we have to respect. Haven't had time to observe him with his peers, yet but if you ask in a month's time I may have more to share = ) but he somewhat grew up over the weekend. I sent my baby (he's the youngest) out on tour on Thursday and picked-up a young man on Monday.
  • Continued desire to be involved in the community, increased self-confidence.
  • My daughter has a renewed interest in community service since she has been back.  The group of students that were together built an unbelievable bond in just a few days and have continued to facebook, text and get together since they have been back.  They are starting a clothing drive at the high school, which is very exciting to see.  I saw in Sam a new level of confidence and direction in the kind of person she wants to be.  She has signed up for the Gap Camp this summer and plans on getting more involved in STLF once she get to ISU next fall.  This is a wonderful experience, I am sending my son next year.  
  • Excitement regarding college, awareness of poverty, eyes opened to prejudice in our world.
  • Renewed interest in service and increased confidence to hopefully seek out leadership opportunities, even within this organization.
  • She has more confidence about herself. She knows that she's important and can be helpful. 
  • Oh my goodness! Not enough space here to tell you about the changes, not only in my daughter, but her friends that were on the tour as well. She was always a FABULOUS person with a huge heart, but since she has been back, all she can talk about is the wonderful, life changing experience this tour had on her. She wanted me to sign her up for the summer camp immediately and her decision on a college was changing weekly, but now she feels certain about ISU due to the Pay it Forward tour and the chapter STLF has there. I can't thank your organization enough.
  • "My daughter has participated in the Pay It Forward Tours all 4 years of high school. She has always been very conscientious with regards to service, but I have witnessed a growth in her that I attribute to this participation. When she returns from these tours, she is exhausted, excited, humbled and has a whole new PIF family to share. In fact we just had a bus sleep over here at our house this past week, yes 20 of 26 kids were here, what a wonderful group of kids!"



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