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Alumni Profile: Patrick Cauley

Patrick Cauley is from Minnetonka, Minnesota and graduated from University of Minnesota-Duluth in 2017. Patrick is now an engineer at OATI in Minneapolis, MN.

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Get Involved/Corporate Sponsorship

1. Sponsor the STLF Leadership Conference 2016
2. Sponsor STLF general programming for a year
3. Sponsor an STLF Pay It Forward tour for college, high school, or middle school students
4. Provide a scholarship for individual students

Contact Josh Reimnitz: Josh@STLF.net for more information.

Call STLF: 612-276-2003

Fill out the form below to tell STLF you are intereted in sponsoring programming:

STLF Leadership Conference - Spring 2016

The STLF Leadership Conference is a leadership event to be held in April of 2016 that will bring together high school students from the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, STLF participants and alumni, and young professionals interested in developing their personal leadership. 

STLF believes that everyone has the capacity to be a leader in their community. Leadership is not a title, it is an action. As an organization, we ask our participants to find their passion and take the leadership skills they have gained with us and bring that to the issues and communities they care about to make a positive impact. Fill out our sponsorship form to get started.

STLF has defined this conference with three distinct purposes:  Leadership Development, Connection, and Inspiration to Act.

  • Professional development is approached by STLF as individual Leadership Development. Each individual must first understand oneself prior to understanding how they can employ leadership in their communities. This comes from adding value to conference attendees through sessions, speakers, and service with a purpose.
  • It is all about connections. STLF believes in leadership through relationships. Connection comes from combining different perspectives and levels of experience we create the support system needed to get ideas from innovation and put them into action.
  • Inspiration to Act comes from a combination of learning, idea sharing, and looking at possibilities all with the goal of taking action. STLF’s founding is predicated on the knowledge that great ideas and change-making discussions occur on a daily basis, but only when we purposefully and specifically take action does change happen. STLF Leadership Conference will provide inspiration coupled with pathways to take action.

Sponsor STLF programming for a year:

Sponsor STLF for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and help us create new positions, programs, and opportunities for young people to reveal their leadership. STLF has a network of thousands of alumni and current participants who are forward thinking, socially conscious, and engaged individuals. At the “Yeah Buddy” level, you have the opportunity to make over 100,000 community touchpoints through event appearances, social media, and more! Fill out our sponsorship form to get started.


Sponsor an individual student or STLF Pay It Forward tour or for college, high school, or middle school students:

Sponsoring individual students or an entire trip is the most direct way to affect the leadership development of students in our programs. Whether you want to sponsor students in your area or open up your generosity to any school, your kindness goes a long way for our students. Find a local chapter on our website or request that we start a chapter at your local university, high school, or middle school. Fill out our sponsorship form to get started. Find a chapter near you!

Sponsor Individual Students

  • College Scholarship: $500
  • High School Scholarship:  $325
  • Middle School Scholarship: $200

Sponsor a Pay It Forward Tour

  • College PIF Tour: $20,000
  • High School PIF Tour: $13,000
  • Middle School PIF Tour:  $8,000




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My Story - Ayoola "Ay" Okuribido

STLF shaped Ay's college experience and prepared him future leadership skills

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