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Metropolitan State TRIO Pay It Forward Tour

The Pay It Forward Tours will take place from May 7-10th destined for Chicago, IL!

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Alumni Profile: Scarleth Lopez

Scarleth Lopez was a participant on Stephen F. Austin State University’s first ever Pay It Forward Tour.

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High School Pay It Forward Tour -- Ready - Set - LEAD! 

What started with the initiative of high school students in West Fargo, ND, in 2006, has quickly become the largest and fastest growing program in STLF.  The High School Tour Program will serve over 150 communities and engage over 1,800 students in over 22,000 service hours this year. Tours will be departing throughout the year from schools across the Midwest (North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan), Upstate New York, Pacific Northwest and Mississippi Delta Valley.  

  • Click here for complete list of upcoming STLF High School Tours
  • Click here to learn how to start a Pay it Forward Tour at your school

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High School Pay It Forward Tours can be scheduled around a school's needs, occur over long weekends and involve little or no time away from school, and take place in the spring, summer, and fall depending on the school.

High School Tour possesses dynamic components.

The High School Pay it Forward Tour is a five day adventure full of fun, friends, service and travel to four cities.  In each city on the Tour, STLF partners with a unique nonprofit or community organization to coordinate a service project for students.  For weeks with multiple Tours, all buses unite in the Celebration City, coming together for service, celebration, and sharing stories.  In addition, buses also tour one or two college campuses during the trip.  A standard day on a High School Tour includes the following:

  • Service Project in the Morning
  • Lunch with the Community Served
  • College/University Tour
  • Bus Travel in the Afternoon to Next City
  • Potential Tourism in City
  • Evening Activities and Reflection
  • Spend the Night (with the exception of the celebration city which are spent in a hotel, participants sleep in gyms, community centers, churches, etc)

Cost - Sign up Early to Secure Early Registration Rate.

The registration fee for the Tour can vary depending upon how soon you sign up for the Tour - the earlier the better!  Visit your tour's webpage for individual pricing.

  • Non-refundable down payment (minimum requirement to register): $100**

High School Tour Frequently Asked Questions:

As a parent or guardian of a high school student, we understand you may have more questions with regard to the program. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions of parents of high school students.

Need-based Financial Aid Available upon Request:

There is a limited amount of need-based financial aid available. If you are in a situation in which you cannot afford the full cost of the Tour, please email financialaid@stlf.net for a financial aid application to apply for a partial cost reduction.

Also, please consider efforts to raise funds from family, friends, or others in your community to help support your Pay It Forward Tour experience. Any amount you can raise will allow STLF to provide financial assistance to more students in need.  Click here to download a sample donation request letter you can edit and send to those who may be able to help.

How do I sign up or learn more?

Registration for the High School Pay It Forward Tour can be done through this website with Online Registration.  Before you Register, you will have to find a Tour near you or View the Listing of All High School Tours.

Enter your ZIP Code below to find a Tour near you!

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